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Our service to you

Horizon Power is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to all of our customers across regional and remote Western Australia in the most efficient way possible.

Our obligations 

There are three key documents listed below, which detail what you can expect from Horizon Power, including your rights and obligations. 

Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers

The Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers (Code) regulates and controls the conduct of retailers, distributors and electricity marketing agents who supply electricity to residential and small business customers.

Customer Charter

The Horizon Power Customer Charter outlines your rights, obligations and expectations as a valued Horizon Power customer.

Standard form contract

Electricity retailers who supply electricity to small use customers (i.e. those who consume less than 160 MWh of electricity per year; typically residential and small business customers) must develop a Standard Form Contract which requires Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) approval.                      



Our Customer Service Representatives are available to help you with any general questions or concerns that you may have. At times, however, you may feel we have not met the service standards outlined in our Customer Charter and would like to lodge a formal complaint. 

Make a formal complaint  

Energy Ombudsman

After you have given us the opportunity to resolve your complaint, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may wish to contact the Energy Ombudsman. The Energy and Water Ombudsman receives and resolves complaints from customers about their service provider. This is a free service.

Contact details
Telephone: (08) 9220 7588
Freecall: 1800 754 004


Nominal frequency of supply is 50Hz with a tolerance limit of plus or minus 1.25Hz. However under normal operating conditions Horizon Power endeavours to maintain a frequency tolerance limit of 50Hz, plus or minus 0.5Hz.

Horizon Power provides its customer with a range of supply voltage options, dependent on the customer's load demand, geographic location and the required reliability of supply.

Residential and smaller commercial and industrial customers are normally supplied at 240 volts phase to neutral or 415 volts phase to phase. In some rural areas, only a single phase 240/480 volt supply may be available.

Low voltage supply provided by Horizon Power has a five minute average value tolerance limit of plus or minus six per cent, measured at the customer's point of supply.

Large load customers may be supplied at high voltage with a nominal value of 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV or 220kV. The actual supply voltage being determined by the local network. (1kV = 1 kilovolt = 1,000 volts)

The high voltage supply provided by Horizon Power has a five minute average value tolerance limit of plus or minus 10 per cent, measured at the customer's point of supply.

Horizon Power makes every effort to provide its customers with an electricity supply within the above frequency and voltage limits. However, the limits cannot be guaranteed as customers' supplies can be affected by a number of factors outside Horizon Power's control. Examples of these factors are lightning strikes to electrical infrastructure, bushfires, equipment failure and vandalism. Departures from the expressed limits may occur from day to day.

Corporate policies

You can easily access some of our key corporate documents including our Code of Conduct and Safety and Health, Fit for Work and Environment Policy.

Corporate policies