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The most powerful device to help control your electricity use

Our app gives you the convenience of tracking your electricity usage 24/7. Make bill shock a thing of the past and download it today.
View your energy consumption

Swipe the graph to monitor your daily and hourly usage for the current billing period.

Keep track of how much you've spent

View your estimated current spend for this billing period and an estimate of what your bill would be if your average daily usage remains the same.

Pay your bill

Find out your current balance and access our online payment gateway.

Download your bill

Browse a transaction summary and view current and past statements.


MyPower plans give you more predictability and control over your bills and you can track usage in near real time.

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How do I get started?

The Horizon Power app is available to customers who have registered with My Account.

Register for My Account
You will be asked to register an email address and password.
Download the app
You can log into the app using your My Account login details.
Please note: Your Login will be enabled within 4 hours after your My Account registration has been approved for use.
Need help using the app?

Check out our FAQs.