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Reading an electricity meter

How to read your advanced meter

Horizon Power has advanced electronic meters installed at all connection points throughout regional and remote Western Australia.  These meters are read and monitored remotely and are manufactured to a standard that has been approved by the National Measurement Institute of Australia. As these meters are read automatically, you are not required to have a physical meter read at your property. However, you may still wish to read the meter to monitor your electricity use or to see how much electricity you have exported to the network.

 Reading my meter fact sheet

There are several types of advanced meters including a single phase electronic meter, a three phase electronic meter and a plug-in electronic meter. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to read each meter.

The single phase and three-phase electronic meters have five different displays that rotate through automatically every five seconds or can be rotated manually by pressing button 1 on the meter. The number that appears at the top right-hand corner of the display identifies which ‘register’ the meter is on. The two main registers are register ‘07’ which reads electricity consumption, and register ‘47’ which reads exported energy. 


Below is a brief explanation of what each screen displays;

1.    The first screen displays the time.
2.    The second screen displays the date.
3.    The third screen is the 07 register. This is the screen to read your electricity consumption.
4.    The fourth screen is the 47 register. This is the screen to read your exported excess energy.
5.    The fifth is testing the meter LCD display.



The plug-in electronic meter automatically rotates every five seconds through its displays. You can manually scroll through the displays by using the ‘select’ button. The displays include the meter’s connection status, frequency and electricity usage. The number and/or letters on the left hand side of the display signify what ‘register’ you are on; 

007 = This register reads your electricity consumption in kW/h.

047 = This register reads your exported excess energy.

dCon = This register shows the connection status of the meter.

  • If this says 0 (and the pulse light is off) then the meter is disconnected and disabled. The customer cannot do anything with the meter and will need to call Horizon Power to have it reactivated.
  • If this says 2 (and the pulse light is blinking) then the meter is disconnected and ready to be connected. Press the ‘Connect’ button for a few seconds and wait to hear a click. Your meter is now connected.
  • If this says 3 (and the pulse light is blinking/on) then the meter is connected and working.

Frequently asked questions

If you are moving in to a residence or out of your existing home or business you will be required to contact Horizon Power to advise us that you will need to have power connected or disconnected. If you have been disconnected for non-payment, you will need to contact our Customer Contact Centre (between 8am-5pm weekdays) once payment has been made to ensure we reconnect your power. This can take up to three hours (maximum). You will then need to hold down button 2 on your meter for a few seconds (until you hear a click) to reconnect power to your house. NOTE: if you live in apartments or units, make sure you press the button on the correct meter for the correct house. If you are unsure, ask Horizon Power for your meter serial number.

Your landlord, property manager and/or or strata body will hold the key to your meter box.

Horizon Power does not hold keys to a customer’s meter boxes. It is the landlords’ responsibility to ensure that tenants have access to their meters. If you are disconnected for non-payment, or have recently moved into a property, you will need to have access to the meter (if locked in a meter box) to press button 2 on the new advanced meter to reconnect the power.

It is a requirement under standard retail and distribution contracts and also under the Electricity Act (1994) for the landlord and/or property manager to provide safe and convenient access to your meter at all reasonable times.

Horizon Power does not provide a locksmith service should a customer not be able to reconnect their power due to meter access issues. Horizon Power will not be attending fault calls caused by landlords not giving keys to tenants. We will be advising customers to speak to their property managers.

A note will not be required to be left in the meter box in order for the new advanced meters to be reconnected.

It will take up to three hours from when a customer rings up to open a new account or to pay an overdue bill after disconnection, before an advanced meter can be re-energised.