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Becoming a supplier

We value our supplier relationships

As a Government Trading Enterprise, Horizon Power operates within commercial principles, and consistently aims to maximise long term value. We are committed to conducting our procurement activities ethically, honestly and fairly whilst achieving value for money and providing quality services.

Our regional operations are responsible for many of Horizon Power's regional procurement decisions. Our purchasing processes consider local industry capabilities and give back to the communities we serve however we can, including supporting regionally-based businesses.

We invite suppliers to respond to open tenders through Tenders WA. We also recommend that you keep your website, promotional materials and Supply Nation profile (for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business) up to date at all times. This helps us to identify potential suppliers in circumstances where we can direct source, or invite a restricted number of suppliers to respond to a quote.

Horizon Power does not require pre-qualification of suppliers, however all suppliers that have negotiated an active contract (including a purchase order) will be required to complete the process to become an accredited supplier. All suppliers must comply with our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. 

Regional and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplier registration

Aboriginal and regional supplier registration of interest

We invite Aboriginal businesses operating in Western Australia and regionally based local industry (including non-Aboriginal businesses) to register an interest in working with us.

Procurement opportunities

Procurement opportunities

Our procurement pipeline outlines open or upcoming procurement opportunities. All prospective suppliers are encouraged to register with Tenders WA to receive alerts on relevant tenders.

Corporate policies

Corporate policies

All suppliers working with Horizon Power must comply with our Corporate Policies, including: the Code of Conduct, Safety and Health Policy, Fit for Work Standard and Environmental Policy.

Manuals and standards

Manuals and standards

Our manuals and standards are also a useful reference when responding to procurement opportunities.


Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

The DAIP ensures equal access to our facilities and services for people with a disability.

Where can I download Horizon Power's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions?

Purchase Order terms and conditions

Download our conditions of contract for the supply of goods and services under a purchase order

What and how we buy

Through a range of procurement processes we buy: construction, consultancy, corporate services, fleet, logistics, maintenance services (electricity related and non-electrical), major equipment, minor equipment and consumables, property management, SCADA and retail services, technology and temporary labour.

Our major purchases are usually subject to an open tender process. We frequently invite expressions of interest and requests for quotation for smaller pieces of work, primarily in the construction, technology and maintenance spaces.

Horizon Power sourcing processes are streamlined according to the risk profile associated with the requirement.  

As a general guide, we purchase through the following procurement processes:

  • Direct sourcing (restricted process)
  • Requests for Quotation (RFQ) (open or restricted process)
  • Requests for Tender (RFT) (open process)
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) (to understand how a good or service can be provided)

We recommend that your business:

  • Has an up to date website
  • Maintains current contact details and is responsive to enquiries
  • Registers with Tenders WA for alerts on relevant tenders
  • Registers with relevant industry portals such as Supply Nation
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter where we often advertise open procurements
  • Checks local newspapers for opportunities to supply

These recommendations apply to all levels of procurement processes.