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High and wide loads


Request a permit for oversized loads

Operators of loads higher than 4.3 metres (4.6 metres for livestock vehicles travelling on nominated routes) or wider than 5.5 metres, must apply for a high load permit to ensure safety precautions are observed in proximity to powerlines. Transport operators must refer to Main Roads Western Australia before applying for an Horizon Power high load permit. It is a requirement of any Main Roads permit to also obtain a high load permit from Horizon Power.

Horizon Power high load permit applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they can travel and maintain the appropriate safety clearances to power lines and other infrastructure. In instances where safety clearances cannot be maintained it may be possible for an escort to be provided or lines to be switched off to allow a load to travel.

Please note: Transport operators are required to obtain the Horizon Power permit in addition to any permit required by Main Roads. Failure to obtain a high load permit is an offence which may result in a fine of up to $5,000.

How to apply for a permit

1. Set up your customer number

Before you apply for your permit, you must first apply for a customer number. You will be able to use this number against all future oversized load applications that you submit. If you already have a customer number, you can skip this step.

To apply for a customer number, submit your details by email as follows:

  • In the subject heading of your email, please use the title: New Customer Request
  • You will need to provide your: full company name, ABN, full billing address, phone number, fax number, email address.
  • We will send your customer by email within 4 working days.

2. Submit an online application

Remember to submit your application at least 3 weeks before your required journey and if your load is complex remember it may take up to 12 weeks to process.

When we receive your application, we will forward you a copy within 3 working days.

An application fee of $152.63 will be payable for each permit. We will arrange payment with you following your application. We will issue a tax invoice and receipt for your payment within 5 working days.

Inter-district permits

All applications to transport oversize loads that will require travel between Horizon Power's network and Western Power's network can be lodged as a single application for the inter-district travel no matter where the origin of movement.

Horizon Power and Western Power separately authorise all high or wide loads travelling through our respective regions. Where a load needs to be transported through both Horizon and Western Power boundaries, permits must be applied through both providers, and escorts where required, will be arranged independently within the boundaries of each provider.

Find out more detail on the boundaries between Western Power SWIS boundary and Horizon Power territory.

Please note: it’s important to make sure you apply for the correct permit as refunds will not be issued once submitted.

What happens next?

We conduct an initial assessment taking into account the height of powerlines along the intended route and the height of the load, then contact you to advise of the next steps, usually within two business days of receiving your application.

If it is determined that the high load can travel safely, a permit to travel along the specific roads identified in the application and at a specified height is issued.

If the vehicle load is too high for the intended route, we may suggest an alternative route or conduct a survey of the requested route.

If no alternative route is available, we will arrange for your vehicle to be escorted. Associated escort costs will depend on the complexity of the escort. Escorts required during weekends, public holidays or in less than 10 working days of approval of your application, may incur additional premiums and cannot be guaranteed.

Where a load is particularly complex and interferes with electrical infrastructure, we may appoint a project manager to liaise with you regarding requirements, progress and expected timeframes.

Upon approval, Horizon Power will determine a suitable escort time and date in conjunction with the applicant.

In some cases it may not be possible for the load to travel at the requested height on the intended route.

Other fees

  • Surveys
    While main arterial road height data is generally maintained by Horizon Power, if we need to undertake a survey of line heights for your specific route, you will be charged the associated costs of the survey based on the time it takes to complete the assessment.
  • Escorts
    A schedule of indicative fees can be provided to you once it is determined whether an escort is required. If you require an up front quote please request this with the Horizon Power High Loads Customer Support Team during the planning phase of the job.

Contact information

If you have questions about the process in either area, you may contact: