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What does Horizon Power provide to you?

Horizon Power will assess the proposed route and movement dates against potential impacts on the electricity network, customers, and our resources (for example escort availability). If no escort and/or line survey is required and there are no other impacts, a High Load Movement Permit will be issued within three (3) working days of application.

If assessment indicates an escort or road survey is required, Horizon Power will contact the applicant to discuss the implications within three (3) working days of application.

If the only requirement is an escort, Horizon Power will issue a High Load Movement Permit within five (5) working days of application, aiming to provide the escort at a date and time suitable for both Horizon Power and the applicant. If power lines need to be turned off then the timing of the load movement will be discussed with the applicant.

In some cases substantial planning and/or construction works are required (for example undergrounding, moving or raising power lines), in these cases Horizon Power will quote on the work necessary. A project manager will be appointed who will liaise with the applicant regarding requirements, progress and expected timeframes.

Application details can be changed in consultation with the high loads team up until the point where the High Load Movement Permit has been issued. Once issued no changes can be made to the permit. If any changes are required after this point a new authorisation request must be submitted and this will incur a new permit-processing fee. 

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