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How do I change my tariff?

When you open an electricity account with us, a tariff is applied based on the information you provide and historical data relating to an existing property. Information about the tariffs available can be found on our website for residential and business customers.

Residential customers will automatically be assigned to the A2 residential tariff unless the property has previously been used as a mixed business/domestic dwelling.  In most instances, business customers are placed on either the small/medium (L2) or large (L4) tariff depending on annual predicted or historical electricity usage.

Your electricity bill shows the tariff which has been assigned to your account. If you think there has been an error, or if your circumstances change, please contact us to discuss moving to a new tariff. Examples where this may occur include:

  • You start running a business from your home;
  • You are a business customer on the large business L4 tariff and you reduce your use sufficiently to be transitioned to the small/medium business L2 tariff; and
  • Your business becomes registered as a voluntary and charitable organisation.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

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