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Solar energy

I already have solar, can I apply to increase the size of my system?

Yes. If you already have rooftop solar installed and wish to expand on the number of panels or increase the size of your inverter, you must apply to Horizon Power before carrying out the expansion. Please note, your system may need to comply with the new Technical Requirements depending on the works proposed.

Please speak to a licensed and accredited installer to discuss your options.

Notice for Feed-in Tariff customers

An application for a larger or additional inverter is not eligible for FiT, even if you currently receive FiT. You would lose any existing FiT payments, because the scheme was suspended by the State Government from 1 August 2011 for new applications.

For example, if you are a residential customer with a 3 kW inverter and wish to increase the size to 5 kW, you need to submit a new application for 5 kW. If you meet the eligibility rules, and capacity is available, the application will be approved. The buyback price is as per the eligibility calculator at the time of the new application. However, you will lose any FiT payment you currently receive from the Government.

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