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Solar energy

Why has the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme been introduced?

Rooftop solar systems, batteries, electric vehicles, microgrids and other technologies are transforming Western Australia’s electricity system.  These small-scale devices, known as Distributed Energy Resources (or DER) present both challenges and opportunities for the way we produce, manage and consume electricity in our State.

DEBS has been introduced to give customers the ability to harness value from the DER technology, such as batteries, and sell excess energy back to the grid.

With the WA Government’s introduction of DEBS, the price paid for electricity exported by eligible customers will better represent the actual cost of electricity at different times of the day.

The new pricing structure will encourage households to make more use of their solar in the middle of the day and encourage the installation of west-facing panels and batteries, producing solar power for longer in the day so households can make the most of using the renewable energy or exporting at the peak rate under the new scheme.

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