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Understand my electricity bill

The interactive bill below explains everything you need to know about how to read your bill, including for customers who have renewable energy installed.

If you have a question about your electricity bill, visit our Contact page for how to get in touch. 

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Account number:

Your account number is listed here. Please have this number close to hand if you need to speak to us.


If you have any questions, or are struggling to pay your bill, please call as soon as possible on this number to discuss. Business customers should call 1800 737 036.

Date of issue:

This shows the date your bill was printed, not the date the meter was read. Your meter read date is listed on page 2.

Payable by:

This is the date that payment is due by.

Total of previous bill:

This shows how much your last bill was.

Payments & adjusments:

This is the amount you have paid since the last bill was issued.


This shows any outstanding amount from your last bill.

Current charges:

This amount is for the electricity you have used in this billing period.

Total due:

This is the total amount owing on your account.

Invoice number:

This number is the bill or invoice number. This is not your account number which is listed above.

Supply period:

Billing periods are approximately 60 days. This means you will receive a bill from us roughly every two months.

Supply Address:

This is the address for which we have supplied electricity and for which this bill relates to. In many cases, this will be the same as the address above but if you have multiple accounts, this will enable you to identify which property this bill relates to.

Invoice comparison:

This graph shows the amount of electricity used (expressed as a unit of electricity) so you can more clearly determine how much more, or less, electricity you are using compared to your last bill and the same period last year (depending on supply period).

Average daily consumption:

You can see how many units (kilowatt hours) you have used on average each day.

Average daily cost

This is how much your electricity costs on average each day, based on your average daily use, the tariff rate and the number of days in this billing period.

Payment slip:

The Payment Slip details all your payment options.

Renewable energy:

If you have renewable energy installed at your premise, this line shows how many units of electricity you have fed back to the network since the last bill.

Reading type:

This shows whether your meter has been read by a meter reader or estimated. 'Normal' means we have taken a reading from the meter, 'Estimated' means we have estimated your reading using historical data for your property.

Meter number:

This is the unique identifier for the meter.

Reading date:

This is the date when the reading was obtained.

Current meter reading:

This is the reading taken from your meter on the date detailed to the left.

Equals total units used:

This shows whether your meter has been read by a meter reader or estimated. 'Normal' means we have taken a reading from the meter, 'Estimated' means we have estimated your reading using historical data for your property.

Current account details:

This section calculates the cost of your bill, based on the meter read information detailed above.

This applies to customers with renewable energy installed. It calculates a credit for any units of electricity that have been fed back to the network. We buy each unit of electricity at a set price per town. The buyback price is detailed for your information.

Supply charge:

Every customer pays a daily supply charge. The supply charge depends on the tariff you are on.

Cost of electricity:

This section calculates the cost of the electricity you have used, based on the number of units used in this billing period and the cost per unit. GST is added as a separate line item.

Rebates & subsidies:

If you receive any rebates or subsidies, this will be detailed here and show as a credit on your account. In this example, the customer receives the Cost of Living Assistance Payment.

Total payable:

This sum is the total amount owing. It includes an amount for the number of units you have used, the supply charge and credits such as rebates, subsidies and renewable energy buyback. It also includes GST.

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