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Esperance Wildflower Festival 2019

- Esperance

The Esperance Wildflower Festival will run from Monday, 24 September to Saturday, 28 September 2019. The annual theme is "Bugs & the Bush" highlighting the important relationships between local plant and insect species. One of the primary purposes of the festival is to raise awareness and appreciation of local species to encourage long-term conservation.

The Horizon Power sponsored wildflower festival will feature a display of over 500 individual specimens; an art exhibition featuring work from over 400 school students, cultural presentations by Nyungar Elders and Rangers about the cultural significance of local plans and insects, guest presentations from respected Australian researchers, displays from a range of local organisations, an interactive community sculpture project and more.

The Esperance Wildflower Festival has a strong focus on environmental education, thereby creating value for future generations of the Esperance community by encouraging community members to nurture and preserve the natural environment.

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