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Carbon cost soon to be removed for Horizon Power customers

Horizon Power is working with the State Government to ensure the cost of carbon is removed from your bill as soon as possible.

The carbon tax repeal is a major change in legislation and we are still processing the changes.

However, rest assured the repeal of the tax means reduced bills for our customers in the future.

The cost of carbon that appears on your bill is due to be removed from 1 September, 2014 once electricity prices are amended through changes to Horizon Power’s electricity by-laws and published in the Government Gazette. That means you may still see a carbon tax charge on your bill in the coming weeks.

Horizon Power is working towards issuing credits to our customers from 1 November. Any carbon tax paid from 1 July to 1 September will be credited to your bill.

The Minister for Energy, Dr Mike Nahan, has advised West Australians that customers can expect a decrease in their electricity prices in the order of 8 per cent.

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