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Esperance Micro Power Systems works set to commence

Today Energy Minister Hon Bill Johnston MLA announced that Horizon Power is set to commence works to install off-grid renewable systems for remote farms in Esperance, delivering safer, more cost efficient and reliable power.

Horizon Power is about to start site works to provide 13 Micro Power Systems (MPS) for 14 fringe-of-grid properties (one system will service two properties) in Esperance that are currently services by 54 kilometres of aging powerlines.

Micro Power Systems are stand-alone power systems that consist of solar and battery technology, and include a back-up diesel generator, in case more power is needed.

General Manager Consumer Energy Mark Paterson said Micro Power Systems represented a brilliant power solution for remote properties at the end of the grid where reliability was poorer.

“Traditional electricity lines that run more than 50 kilometres through remote bushland face all kinds of hazards like falling trees, lightning strikes, high winds and incidents with farm machinery,” Mr Paterson said.

“As a result, these customers who are east of Esperance and the Condingup area, can have frequent and prolonged power outages that may take considerable time to restore".

“Experience has shown us that customers love the MPS solution as it provides them with safe, reliable power, day after day.”

The MPS will be remotely monitored and fully maintained by Horizon Power.

Customers will not have to pay extra for the systems. They will pay the same tariff that currently applies for electricity from the overhead network.

The systems will be fully operational and the aging powerline infrastructure decommissioned later this year.

Read the Energy Minister’s full statement here.

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