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Ex Tropical Cyclone Christine

UPDATE - 9:00 pm

Horizon Power’s line crews have worked tirelessly to restore power to customers affected by ex Tropical Cyclone Christine. As at 7.30 pm, power has been restored to all but approximately 80 customers in the Light Industrial Area (LIA) of Karratha and 50 customers in Roebourne. Work will continue to restore power to these customers tomorrow as a priority. Power has been restored in full to customers in Point Samson and Port Hedland.

Electricity supply was interrupted to approximately 7,000 customers in the West Pilbara as a result of TC Christine, with a further 100 customers impacted in Port Hedland. Temporary loss of generation capability at the Karratha Power Station, combined with damage sustained on the transmission and distribution networks, contributed to the high number of customers affected.

Acting General Manager North West Interconnected System Brett Hovingh thanked the community for their patience while power supplies were restored.

“Horizon Power line crews and other staff have been working extremely long hours to restore power to customers and we are very grateful for the support of the communities in Karratha, Roebourne, Point Samson and Port Hedland as we have worked to get their power back on,” he said.

“I would also like to recognise the support of Rio Tinto, who has enabled us to restore power to customers in Roebourne by distributing power through their network, and also to Western Power, who are on site and assisting us with the repair of the damaged transmission line.”

Any customers not in the LIA in Karratha who are without power are urged to contact Horizon Power on 13 23 51. These individual faults will need attendance by Horizon Power line crew and need to be reported to enable this to take place.

Horizon Power reminds customers to stay away from fallen powerlines and other electrical infrastructure to ensure their safety.


UPDATE - 7:00 am


Horizon Power has restored power supplies to nearly 4,400 customers in Karratha who were left without power as a result of ex Tropical Cyclone Christine. As at 7 am, 1,800 customers remain without power in parts of the suburb of Bulgarra where electricity is provided through the overhead network, and in the Light Industrial Area (LIA).

Additional line crew support has arrived from Kununurra and Horizon Power is working this morning to restore power supplies to customers in Bulgarra this morning. Horizon Power will commence restoring power to customers in the LIA tomorrow.

Reported electrical faults are being attended in priority order. Only life threatening emergencies will be responded to while restoration work continues on the network.


Horizon Power is aiming to restore power to the majority of Roebourne’s 600 customers today.

Horizon Power is working with Rio Tinto to supply customers here using Rio Tinto’s electrical infrastructure in the short-term, until the damaged transmission line between Port Hedland, Karratha and Roebourne is repaired.

Point Samson

Horizon Power is working to restore power supplies in Point Samson and estimates restoration will take place today for the majority of the 200 customers in this town.

Port Hedland

Horizon Power has restored power to all customers in Port Hedland.


Although Christine has weakened below cyclone intensity, Horizon Power is ready to respond to any impact in the Mid-West. Customers should report any faults to Horizon Power on 13 23 51.

Contact Reference: Media contacts: Media line 1800 799 745