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Find out how to support The Smith Family

The Smith Family One in seven Australian children and young people are living in poverty. The numbers speak for themselves. In Australia today, too many children and young people are having their futures defined by the circumstances they are born into. Through no fault of their own, children in these circumstances struggle to catch up and keep up with their peers at school. Together, we can give these children the vital out-of-school learning support they need to build confidence in class and in life. The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program has proven itself to be an effective tool in helping these children go to school, complete their education and go on to study at TAFE or university.

Horizon Power is a community partner of The Smith Family and supports its learning program. Your tax-deductible donation can bridge the gap by giving these children access to the learning and support programs they need to stay on track with their education and allow them to reach their potential. Please go to: if you would like to contribute.