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First solar school installed

Horizon Power today installed the first rooftop solar system as part of its Solar Schools program at Scaddan Primary School in the Goldfields Esperance Region.

Scaddan Primary School, which is 50km north of Esperance, is the first of 30 regional public schools that will receive solar systems to be installed by Horizon Power delivery team as part of the $5 million program

Horizon Power CEO Stephanie Unwin said there were many benefits to be delivered by the Solar Schools program.

“Scaddan Primary School is just one of the regional public schools that will reduce its electricity costs by having a rooftop solar system installed,” Stephanie said.

“It is one of 12 school installations we will be doing in the Goldfields Esperance region, along with Salmon Gums, Cascade, Castletown, Condingup, Esperance, Laverton, Munglinup and Nulsen primary schools, and Esperance, Norseman and Leonora high schools.

“Importantly, it is the first of the installations we are doing as part of our Solar Schools program, which will reduce the schools’ power bills and their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2,000 tonnes each year - the equivalent of taking around 400 cars off the road.

“Over the past two days, our delivery teams have installed a 12.9kW PV system, made up of 29 x 445 watt panels, which is approximately twice the size of an average house system, at Scaddan Primary School.

“This installation will reduce the school’s reliance on electricity from the grid by almost 50 per cent, reduce the school’s carbon emissions by about eight tonnes each year and save the school around $170,000 over the 25-year life of the system.

“We are accelerating our renewable energy strategy as part of our role in the WA Economic Recovery Plan and working with our communities to find innovative customer solutions.”

On completion of the first system at Scaddan Primary School, the team will undertake a similar installation at Condingup Primary School, 69km east of Esperance.

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