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Fourth Edition: Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual

Horizon Power and Western Power are pleased to announce the publication of the fourth edition of the WADCM. The WADCM seeks to provide comprehensive unambiguous information on distribution connection arrangements in a format and language familiar to the electrical consulting and contracting industry, builders, architects and consumers.

How to Access – This latest edition of the Manual can be accessed via either of the attached links or by a web search on the words “Connections manual”:

For Horizon Power: Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual

For Western Power: WA Distribution Connections Manual

Date of Application - This edition of the Manual supersedes all preceding editions of the WA Transitional and Distribution Connections Manuals.

The application of the information within this Manual and subsequent amendments is not retrospective unless the existing electrical installation has been altered, modified or part thereof constitutes a safety issue as determined by an authorised inspector under the Energy Coordination Act 1994.

The fourth edition covers new, upgraded or relocated customer electrical connections to either a Horizon Power or Western Power distribution network within Western Australia. The requirements apply as soon as is practical during the period up to but not exceeding 6 months from the date of application, after which time the requirements are compulsory when seeking to facilitate a connection.

If the electrical installation was commenced or formal contracts to undertake electrical work were signed prior to the date of application, a customer through their agent may seek relief in the form of an exemption from these requirements by formally applying to the relevant Network Operator. This will allow for the electrical installation to be completed in accordance the previously published Network Operator requirements.

What’s changed – As was the case with previous reviews, internal and external stakeholder consultation was extensive. Amendments and changes incorporated into this edition have primarily focused on ensuring the manual reflects current statutory, network and industry connection requirements and practices. The following summarises the more significant areas of change:

  • Insertion of a new front cover
  • Renewed web links, references and where applicable application forms.
  • Updated reference group membership.
  • Inclusion of Utility Providers Code of Practice amendment and addendum #1 reference.
  • Revised requirements for Network Operator industry connection schemes.
  • Relocation of Inverter Energy System (IES) connection application and metering content from section 15 to appropriate areas in sections 7 and 11.
  • IES installation requirements aligned with revised Australian standards including AS 5033.
  • IES metering requirements updated to parallel the 2012 Metering Code requirements.
  • IES notification limits amended from 3kVA to 2.5kVA for SWIS connected systems.
  • Addition of Horizon Power design and quotation information and diagrams.
  • Inclusion of Western Power Distribution Low Voltage Connection Headworks Scheme.
  • Meter location requirements revised to accommodate existing north-west and non gazetted road installations.
  • Modified application process for Western Power CT metered installations.
  • Amended earthing requirements for metallic fencing/screens around substations.
  • Updated Inverter Energy System labelling.

A complete list of all changes can be viewed in the appendices located at the rear of the Manual.

Next Review - Feedback on any aspect of the Manual or its application is encouraged by both Network Operators. If a specific trend in the questions received, prior to the next review is indentified, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and response may be issued. A permanent amendment will then be considered at the next review of the Manual which is scheduled for completion in June of 2014. In the interim period if you have any comments or queries please contact the relevant Network Operator on:

Horizon Power  
Residential account/enquiries 1800 267 926
Business account/enquiries 1800 737 036

For home - Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual Feedback form

For business - Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual Feedback form

In writing to Horizon Power Asset and Works Manager
Asset Strategy & Capability Division,
PO Box 1066, Bentley DC, WA 6983
Western Power  
Customer Service Centre 13 10 87
Online Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual Feedback form
In writing to The Distribution Standards & Policy Manager
Networks Division, 
Locked Bag 2511 Perth WA 6001


Horizon Power and Western Power as ever would like to acknowledge the valuable support and contributions made by participating organisations, Associations, Stakeholder Reference Group Members, and Network/Retailer personnel/staff during this review. We look forward to this continuing support and involvement in the development of future editions of the Manual.

Document prepared by Distribution Standards and Policy

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