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Generation plant arrives at Mungullah Power Station

Crane operators were busy on Thursday morning taking delivery of four 50-tonne engine generator units at Carnarvon’s new 18 megawatt (MW) Mungullah Power Station and placing them carefully on pre-laid concrete pads.

The power station is being built to replace the existing Carnarvon Power Station that was built more than 45 years ago. The new station will comprise an improved dual-fuel system, using both diesel and gas generating technology to enhance security of the town’s power supply and meet the town’s future needs.

Horizon Power Project Manager Kim Bryan said there will be a total of 10 generators installed at the power station: five diesel and five gas fired generators.

“The gas fired generators are the prime power units and will provide base power to Carnarvon, and the diesel generators will provide peak load generation to assist the gas units when there is high demand during the hotter months of the year,” said Mr Bryan.

“The manufacture of another four generation units at the factory is nearing completion and they will be delivered to site by the end of February, with the final two units to be delivered in early March.”

This project milestone follows another significant achievement in September 2012 when the power station site was connected to the Dampier to Bunbury Gas Pipeline Carnarvon Lateral which will enable the power station to generate electricity efficiently using natural gas as its main fuel source.

Once the Mungullah Power Station is in service, power will cease to be generated from the existing Carnarvon Power Station.  This will reduce the noise pollution experienced by some local residents. The existing power station will be retained as standby generation for a period of time and then decommissioned.

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