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Horizon Power prepared for Tropical Low over East Kimberley

Horizon Power crews are on stand-by and back-up power stations are ready to start up in the event the tropical low heading for the East Kimberley affects power supplies.

Weather forecasts are predicting heavy rain and the possibility of flooding in the communities of Kalumburu, Wyndham and Kununurra.

The tropical low is currently about 180 kilometres east of Kalumburu, an Aboriginal community with about 200 residents, and is expected to bring with it heavy rainfall. The system is expected to cross the coast later today.

Horizon Power General Manager Operations Ziggy Wilk said today Horizon Power has two power stations, one in Wyndham and one in Kununurra, on stand-by in the event that the hydro power station in Kununurra is impacted by adverse weather.

Horizon Power also has a Remote Community Utility Worker based in Kalumburu and is working closely with the local operator of the power station to ensure that, in the event of flooding, homes are disconnected from the power station to ensure residents are safe.

"We have all of our crews mobilised, plenty of fuel in case roads are cut and are prepared for an impact on our power supplies in the East Kimberley," Mr Wilk said.

The residents of Kalumburu are Horizon Power customers. Horizon Power has just recently upgraded the network in that community and will begin work later this year on a new power station in the community.

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