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Horizon Power urges the community to be safe around electrical assets

Horizon Power is urging the community to be careful around electrical infrastructure after significant damage was caused to a mini pillar (green dome) exposing live electrical wires to the public.

The incident, which happened in Millars Well in Karratha, was caused when rubbish placed on the verge for collection was left too close to the mini pillar concealing it from view of the rubbish truck which accidentally picked up the green dome along with the rubbish.

Horizon Power General Manager Pilbara Grid Ziggy Wilk said mini pillars were designed to be unobtrusive; however, this could often result in people accidentally damaging them by hitting them with their vehicles or machinery.

"These mini pillars contain live wires and when damaged can cause electric shock or electrocution if the wires are exposed," Mr Wilk said.

"The safety of the community is our number one priority, people should make sure vegetation and items such as rubbish bins are at least one and a half metres away from mini pillars; check where pillars are on a site before starting any work; and ensure children don't play on or around electrical equipment."

During the past 12 months, Horizon Power has recorded over 70 incidents in which a third party has damaged assets through vehicles driving into mini pillars or damaging underground cables through digging.

If you see any damage to electrical infrastructure or want to report a fault, please call Horizon Power on 13 23 51. Stay well clear of fallen powerlines or any other damaged infrastructure.

For media queries call 1800 799 745.