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Illegal reconnections being reported

Horizon Power has recorded an increased number of properties where customers have tampered with the electricity meter at their property to illegally reconnect to the electricity network.

Just this year there has been 21 known cases where customers have unlawfully reconnected their property after it was disconnected by Horizon Power for reasons such as non-payment.

The electricity meter at each property is owned by Horizon Power.

Horizon Power General Manager NWIS Business Ziggy Wilk said he wanted to remind customers that tampering with any electrical assets could result in significant damage to property, injury or even death.

“We are currently installing new advanced meters at properties across our service area which will prevent these illegal connections,” Mr Wilk said.

“We are about one third of the way through the roll out of these new meters but customers need to be aware of the dangers associated with unlawful electrical work,” he said.

The new meters will be disconnected remotely meaning unlawful connections from a member of the public will no longer be possible. 

“Electricity cannot be seen and is extremely dangerous if in the wrong hands. By unlawfully tampering with our assets, people are putting the lives of themselves, Horizon Power employees, contractors and members of the public at risk.”

If you see any suspicious activity or damage to electrical infrastructure, or need to report a fault, please call Horizon Power on 13 23 51. Dial 000 in emergency situations. Please never approach a fallen powerline or any other damaged infrastructure.

Tampering with Horizon Power assets is a prosecutable offence (Electricity Regulations 1947).