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Improving the quality of power in remote Aboriginal communities

Three remote Aboriginal communities in the West Kimberley will benefit from improved services through upgrades to power supplies under a project being delivered by Horizon Power and the Department of Housing.

Construction work will begin in the town-based communities of Looma, Mowanjum and Bayulu later this year under phase three of the Town Reserves Regularisation Project (TRRP) funded by the Department of Housing.

Horizon Power has completed the necessary audits and designs for the electricity networks in Looma and Mowanjum, which are remote communities out of Broome and Derby.

The project also involves an audit and upgrade of internal house wiring in these communities.

In the community of Bayulu, near Fitzroy Crossing, Horizon Power has designed the upgrade of the electricity network and will oversee the project in collaboration with the Department of Housing which will undertake the network upgrade and internal house wiring work.

There are more than 150 households in these three communities. The residents will become Horizon Power customers once the work is completed which means they will be eligible for rebates and concessions for energy for the first time.

Horizon Power also delivers education about the work, electrical safety and energy efficiency as part of its close engagement with residents of Aboriginal communities.

Under phase one and two of TRRP, Horizon Power upgraded networks in 25 town-based communities, as well as auditing and upgrading internal house wiring.

Horizon Power will soon issue tenders for the work which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2012.

For more information, contact 1800 799 745.