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Karratha local wins $5,000 cash prize from Horizon Power

Horizon Power would like to congratulate Kathrine Ash of Baynton who has won $5,000 cash in Horizon Power’s Easy Ways to Save Competition.

Ms Ash has made small changes around her home to decrease her energy usage and has noticed a significant reduction to her power bill by more than 60 per cent.

“An electrician friend of mine went through my house and pointed out appliances that I wasn’t using and were costing me money to run,” Ms Ash said.  “I sold my second fridge and freezer, stopped using my air conditioner all the time and reset my pool pump to run every eight hours instead of four hours and have significantly reduced my power consumption.”

Horizon Power spokesperson Eliza Ryan said the Easy Ways to Save competition was launched to build awareness of efficient energy use and the subsequent savings that customers can achieve.

“We want to help our customers understand the link between their energy habits and their electricity bill and ultimately break the culture of habitual energy-wasting within the home,” Ms Ryan said. “By thinking more about what uses the most power and making small changes to your energy use, you can find some easy ways to lower your electricity bill’.”

More than 1000 entrants were received with some great ideas on easy ways to save energy around the home. Horizon Power would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition.

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