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Local artistry celebrates a strong relationship

To celebrate the naming of Carnarvon’s new power station after the hill on which it is being built, the Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation (MCAC) has presented Horizon Power with a painting by local Aboriginal artist and Mungullah community member, Mr Dougy Walley.

The painting depicts historically significant sacred places on Mungullah Hill.

Portraying a time before settlement, the painting also links to the present and shows the Carnarvon cemetery and the traditional burial places on the hill. The cemetery and traditional burial places were included to show respect to past Elders, including a past Mungullah Elder whose idea it was to use the Mungullah name for the power station and was involved in the native title negotiations with Horizon Power. 

MCAC’s Chairman, Mr Dennis Jones, was pleased to present the painting to the Horizon Power Board on 20 February 2013, and said the painting symbolises the positive and respectful relationship between MCAC, the Aboriginal community and Horizon Power.

“The Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation commissioned this painting by Mr Walley as a return gesture to Horizon Power,” said Mr Jones.

“It has brought great pride to our community that Horizon Power has named their power station the Mungullah Power Station. Mungullah is the Aboriginal name in the Yinggarda language for the hill on which the power station is located.

“The symbolism here for Mungullah community is quite profound and is about Aboriginal community folks, who have very little in fact, supporting commercial progress, use of new technology and caring for our environment while being respectful to country, ancestors and showing our kids a future pathway.

“Our kids and their future kids will grow up knowing about this wonderful demonstration of reconciliation and will be proud of the leadership shown by their people.”

Horizon Power’s Chairman said Horizon Power is committed to demonstrating respect to all Aboriginal communities that will be affected by the building of the power station on their land.

“Horizon Power believes that consultation and engagement is of critical importance to our projects so that we develop and strengthen our relationship with the local Aboriginal groups,” he said.

“We are proud that the strong relationship we have developed has resulted in us being given a name for the power station that is significant to local Aboriginal communities.”  

Mr Walley‘s work is displayed in corporate offices around Australia, including the Salvation Army Australasia national office.

Contact Reference: Monika Dudek - Phone: 1800 799 745