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Mungullah Power Station site connected to electricity network

A project to lay electricity feeder cables, more than six kilometres in length, has been completed, connecting the new Mungullah Power Station site to Carnarvon's electricity network.

Horizon Power installed two high voltage electricity feeder cables, connecting the new power station to the electricity distribution switch room. These cables have been installed underground to ensure security and reliability of power supplies.

Regional Manager Mark Bruce said the underground feeders deliver many benefits and are essential to the new power station project.

"We are building Mungullah Power Station at a site six and a half kilometres out of town to allow development of a state-of-the-art power station that meets environmental requirements and delivers improved efficiency and performance.

"The two underground express feeders will distribute the electricity generated at the new power station to residents in Carnarvon.

"The cables are underground as they are safer, able to distribute more electricity and are better protected from high winds, flooding and other adverse weather conditions than above-ground cables.

"Two feeder cables have been installed to give us contingency, if there is an issue or need to isolate the other cable or if one cable becomes out-of-service for maintenance or fault conditions.

"Trenching work in town has now finished and Horizon Power would like to thank the local community for the patience they have shown over the last three months as these works were carried out," he said.

Mr Bruce said works will continue at the power station site with the generating plant construction work commencing in January 2012.

"Transformers and Generator Sets have now arrived in Australia and will be installed at the Brown Range through the first quarter of 2012" he said.

Mungullah Power Station will have a generation capacity of 18 megawatts and is on track for completion by December 2012.

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