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Mungullah Power Station will be ‘cooking with gas’

Work to connect gas supply to Carnarvon’s new Mungullah Power Station is now complete and will enable the 18 megawatt (MW) power station to generate electricity efficiently using natural gas as its main fuel source.

The dual-fuel power station is now connected to the Carnarvon Lateral, which is located 600 metres from the power station and interconnects with the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP).

Horizon Power Manager Generation Projects Craig Julian said that the completion of this gas pipeline extension in September marks another major milestone in this project which aims to meet the Carnarvon community’s current and future power needs.

“We’re focussed on providing efficient and reliable power supply to the Carnarvon community.

“The connection of the gas pipeline to the Mungullah Power Station will ensure that the power station can supply power from natural gas resources, which will mean the power is generated more efficiently and it’s a better result for the environment.

“In designing this power station, we also wanted to make sure we had a back-up fuel source available to ensure security of power supplies so we have also incorporated some diesel generation capacity into the design. 

“The power station design allows for future growth in the town, so we can add additional generation and supporting infrastructure when it’s needed.”

Another benefit for the community is that the new power station is being built six and a half kilometres away from the town centre and, once in service the existing Carnarvon Power Station can be decommissioned. This will reduce the noise pollution experienced by some local residents.

The project team is now preparing for the factory acceptance testing of the gas fired and diesel generators which is due to take place in November this year at the factory premises in Brisbane.

“We will be testing one gas and one diesel engine and once we are satisfied these generators operate as expected, we will deliver them to site. We will install a total of 10 engines onsite over the following months,” said Craig.

The Mungullah Power Station is due to be operational in 2013 and following completion, the existing Carnarvon Power Station will be decommissioned.

Contact Reference: Monika Dudek - Phone: 1800 799 745