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New energy app to improve customer choice and control

A new app is being developed to allow WA’s regional and remote customers to follow their energy usage on a daily basis. 

The Horizon Power app, a first for Western Australia, will let customers see how, and when, they are using electricity and estimate what their bill will be at the end of that billing period if they keep using it at the same rate.

Geoff White, Horizon Power Project Director Retail Strategy, told the Energy in WA conference that customers want to make informed choices and have greater control over their energy costs.

“If I’m using the app I can see how much electricity my house is using every hour and how much it’s costing me,” Mr White said.

“This information will help families manage household budgets and empower them to make more informed choices that could reduce their power bill.”

“Small changes in usage can make a significant difference over time and the app is the tool we are providing to help customers do this.”

Horizon Power has also trialled a new way for customers to pay for their electricity, which will in time be incorporated into this app to improve certainty around their power bills.

Under the ‘Power Ahead’ trial in Port Hedland, customers were challenged to keep their electricity use within a set unit allowance during the peak times of 1pm to 8pm in summer in order to earn a financial incentive of between $300 for residents and $3,200 for businesses.

The participants were sent alerts via a trial app which advised them when they were getting close to reaching their limit.

“We understand the challenges families face with electricity bills – a payment process that provides greater certainty around their energy costs will go a long way to helping balance the family budget,” Mr White said.

“Customers want choice and control over their energy use, and Horizon Power continues to develop technology to enable this.”

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Pictured above: Horizon Power Project Director Retail Strategy Geoff White discusses the app at the 17th Energy in Western Australia Conference.