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New inverter standard

Time is running out to use  AS /NZS 4777 2005 compliant inverters on Horizon Power’s network

Effective 9 October 2016, only inverters which comply with Australian Standard AS /NZS  4777.2:2015 can be supplied, installed and connected to the Horizon Power network. This Standard relates to the grid connection of energy systems via inverters and applies to both inverters for renewable energy and battery energy storage systems. This 2015 edition of the Standard was published on 9 October 2015 and will supersede Australian Standards AS /NZS  4777.2:2005 and AS /NZS  4777.3:2005 on 9 October 2016.

Horizon Power will not approve applications for inverters which are not compliant with the 2015 edition of the Standard after 5 pm on 5 September 2016. This will ensure sufficient time for you to install such inverters before they become non-compliant on 9 October 2016.

Solar energy system suppliers, inverter suppliers and electrical contractors must ensure they are aware of these changes and be prepared to supply and install only AS /NZS 4777.2:2015 compliant inverters after this date. Compliance with the latest edition of the Standard will be mandatory at time of installation for either a new or upgraded system.

The AS /NZS 4777 Standard ensures the continued safe connection of inverter energy systems, including solar and battery energy systems, onto our networks. New functions offered under the updated Standard will help us maintain a reliable power supply and assist us with restoring power supplies when faults occur.

You can download a copy of AS /NZS 4777.2.2015 via

To discuss how these changes will affect applications to connect a renewable energy and/or battery energy storage system onto Horizon Power’s networks, please call the Horizon Power Renewable Energy Information Line on 1800 618 916.