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Reduce energy use in Halls Creek

Residents and businesses in Halls Creek are being asked to continue reducing their electricity use to help ease pressure on power supplies. Horizon Power thanks customers who have reduced their electricity use and requests that these efforts continue.

Road closures in the region have limited the transportation of fuel used to produce power for the Halls Creek community.

Additional fuel has been transported from the Warmun Power Station to the Halls Creek Power Station and Horizon Power is sourcing additional fuel supplies from within the community. Horizon Power is also implementing a contingency plan to deliver additional fuel supplies to the area.

Restrictions are not being imposed but residents in Halls Creek are asked to take voluntary measures to reduce electricity use. Some simple steps that can be taken are:

  • Set the temperature of air conditioners to 26 degrees;
  • Limit the use of all electrical appliances;
  • Consider turning off second fridges;
  • Turn appliances off at the power point rather than leaving them in standby mode; and
  • Turn off any unnecessary lights.

Horizon Power has repaired the electricity network in Warmun. For the safety of the community, all properties are being inspected prior to reconnection. Any property that has been inundated with flood water or does not comply with WA Electrical Requirements cannot be reconnected until faults are rectified, the property is inspected by a qualified electrical contractor and an authorised electricity safety test sheet is issued.

Contact Reference: Lana Noak - Phone: 1800 799 745