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Saving the unique Miriwoong language

Horizon Power East Kimberley Retail & Community Manager, Tara Stigwood, has attended a Miriwoong Language Nest session at Kununurra District High School which developed student’s cultural awareness, pride, self-esteem, skills and education with Indigenous language.

“Horizon Power began sponsoring the program in April so it was great to see how much the kids enjoyed the session” Tara stated. “I can’t wait to practise some of the words and phrases I picked up from the program”.

Miriwoong country is a wide area that includes the town of Kununurra. The Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre, which runs the Miriwoong Language Nest program, works to preserve and revitalise both the Miriwoong language and culture in the East Kimberley, through a number of innovative programs.

The Indigenous-led organisation has provided meaningful employment to over 20 Indigenous people who have become positive role models in the community.

A team of 6 Miriwoong women currently reaches 400 children each week in primary schools and early learning centres throughout Kununurra through immersive language sessions which incorporate games, songs and simple-talk activities.

Learn more at the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre (MDWg) website.