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Sharing energy for a greener future

Perth’s southern suburbs just got a little bit greener, with the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations which are free to use and open to all.

Regional electricity provider Horizon Power installed the charging stations outside its administration centre in Technology Park, Bentley, to promote access to renewable energy and encourage energy sharing across WA.

Officially launching the charging stations today, Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Reece Whitby, met with the founder of the Plug Me In project Wiebe Wakker, who visited the Bentley office and plugged in his electric vehicle.

Since 2016, Wiebe has been travelling from the Netherlands to Australia in an electric car. With no money exchanged, he has relied on donations of accommodation, food, and most importantly, electricity.

Horizon Power was happy to gift Wiebe free electricity as he travelled between Kununurra and Derby in the Kimberley earlier this year.

Wiebe made use of three new charging stations which Horizon Power installed at Halls Creek Service Station, Fitzroy Crossing Roadhouse and Warmun Roadhouse.

These charging stations service the 900 kilometre stretch of Great Northern Highway between the towns, meaning electric vehicles can now travel around the entire perimeter of Australia.

Having made it to Perth, Wiebe said he’s in no rush to complete the final leg of his journey.

“It’s my goal to promote sustainability and I want to take my time for that,” he said, adding he had enjoyed giving presentations to companies, universities and embassies around the world to share the sustainability message.

Mr Whitby said he was pleased Horizon Power was making the charging stations available to the public.

“There is so much change occurring in the energy industry and while electric vehicles are small in number now, they are going to be a big part of our future,” he said.

There are around 4,000 electric vehicles on the roads in Australia. Electric vehicles can have a limited range due to their need to be recharged, but charging up is easy. Vehicle owners simply plug in to the power source instead of filling up with petrol.

A 22 kilowatt charger – like those installed by Horizon Power –typically provides an electric vehicle with 100 kilometres of charge for every hour of charging.

Fact file

  • Horizon Power’s two new charging stations are located at 18 Brodie Hall Drive in Bentley, and are free for anyone with an electric vehicle to use.
  • The cost of running a standard electric vehicle (or EV) is the equivalent of just 33 cents per litre.
  • Electric vehicle owners can locate charging stations around Australia by visiting
  • To follow Wiebe Wakker’s journey across Australia, visit


About Horizon Power

Horizon Power is a Government Trading Enterprise which generates, distributes and retails electricity to more than 48,000 connections in regional and remote Western Australia. 

The utility’s service area is vast – approximately 2.3 million square kilometres – which means Horizon Power services the biggest area with the least amount of customers in the world. For every 50 square kilometres of terrain, there is just one customer.

For more information about Horizon Power, visit

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