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Shocks and tingles must be reported

Owners and operators of caravan parks and accommodation establishments across regional Western Australia are being urged to report electrical shocks and tingles from taps and appliances to reduce the risk of electric shocks.

A safety campaign around reporting shocks and tingles is being run by Horizon Power during the upcoming school holidays, as an increased number of WA residents choose to wander out yonder in remote and regional parts of the state.

A total of 312 minor shocks and tingles were reported to Horizon Power in the past 12 months, with the highest number of reports coming from West Kimberley residents.

In April this year, an employee at a Coral Bay caravan park tragically died after receiving an electric shock from a private power pole that had blown over in the high winds that preceded Cyclone Seroja.

Horizon Power Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Unwin says reporting shocks and tingles as soon as they occur allows the early detection of electrical faults which could potentially cause similar tragedies.

“While the fault causing a shock or tingle can be on electrical wiring inside a property, and not on the overhead or underground network, we send out our crew with electrical contractors to investigate all shock and tingle reports,” said Ms Unwin.

“The safety campaign will include discussions with owners and operators of over 60 caravan parks, as well as hotels, motels, backpacker hostels and shopping centres, followed by residents of remote Aboriginal communities.”

Horizon Power staff will initially visit over 60 regional caravan parks to meet with the owners and operators. They will advise what the process is for reporting shocks or tingles and the electrical safety requirements that must be met to protect guests and residents.

“To report an electric shock or tingle, Horizon Power customers should call 13 23 51 as soon as possible. Each shock or tingle call is treated as a priority and is investigated promptly to help isolate the cause,” said Ms Unwin.

Shocks and tingles are commonly caused by electrical appliances, power points, switches, taps, showerheads, metal pipes and gas fittings, but can sometimes be the result of a network fault.

While most causes of an electrical shock are relatively simple to correct, a property may need to be temporarily disconnected from the Horizon Power network while repairs are completed.

Horizon Power’s dedicated call centre operators are trained to prioritise crews to respond to shocks and tingles. Property owners may be required to get electrical contractors to rectify the cause of the fault if it is found to be on the customer’s side of the meter.

For more information, visit or call your regional Horizon Power office.