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Significant energy and development savings as Smart Sun Pilot concludes

Following the success of the recent Smart Sun Pilot, Horizon Power and DevelopmentWA have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate to develop new regional housing estates with Horizon Power providing renewable energy solutions to lower household energy costs.

Horizon Power and Development WA’s Smart Sun Pilot was a three-year trial virtual power plant aimed at reducing energy costs and usage for participating customers in DevelopmentWA’s Waranyjarri Estate in Broome North.

Customers who took part in the pilot reduced their annual household electricity bill by an average of $2,500.

Horizon Power customers purchased heavily discounted rooftop solar panels, a battery and inverter for their homes and combined them with 'smart' appliances, including air-conditioning, pool filtration and hot water systems.

The smarts of Horizon Power’s energy management system also enabled customers to track their energy usage through a mobile app.

The innovative program allowed participating customers to use renewable energy, which significantly reduced their power use and reduced the cost of their energy bills. “This trial was very exciting. It has been a very good lesson in how much electricity consumption we use, especially for our kids,” said program participant Ellen Barrow.

The program also allowed Horizon Power and DevelopmentWA to investigate and test an integrated energy solution and work towards solving key grid and land development challenges for projects of the future.

Horizon Power CEO, Stephanie Unwin, said “We’ve been able to explore how these new energy technologies can dramatically reduce household electricity bills by up to 70 per cent. The program is another example of Horizon Power’s commitment to cleaner, greener and more affordable customer energy solutions and of the businesses support for regional growth and vibrant communities.”

“This pioneering program has had an overwhelmingly positive response from participating households and has demonstrated how to lower the expensive cost of infrastructure on new developments by up to 30 per cent to improve liveability costs in the regions” said Frank Marra DevelopmentWA CEO.

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