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The Betterways Battle heats up

The households competing in Horizon Power's Betterways Battle have had amazing results by reducing their energy use between one quarter and one third in the past few months.

Port Hedland couple Janine Witt and partner Trevor Stone are battling it out against Norseman couple Jacquie and Malcolm Best in the energy efficiency stakes.

While the Port Hedland couple are living with temperatures around 40 degrees Celcius, they are making big savings just by cutting back on their air-conditioner use.

The Norseman couple are enjoying the energy efficiency changes they have been making and are thinking more about electrical items they are using - including everything from lights to hairdryers.

To ensure equity with the varying climatic conditions across the State, the energy use of the couples between October 2011 and February 2012 will be compared against their own energy use in the equivalent four month period in the previous year.

The Pusep-Cahill family in Broome and the Hinkley family in Karratha are neck and neck in the energy reduction race with both having cut their power use in the order of 30 per cent.

Both families have focused on switching off the air-conditioner when they leave the house and the Pusep-Cahill family has also reduced the amount of time their pool pump runs.

The two of the four competing households to record the lowest use of energy compared against their same use the year before will win the $5000 energy efficiency refit or appliances.

Horizon Power will keep all regional West Australians up to date with the progress of our Betterways Battle entrants and share their energy saving tips to assist all Horizon Power customers in becoming more energy efficient.

Check out the video clips detailing what the families are doing to save energy and our Betterways energy efficiency tips.

For more information about the Betterways Battle, contact your local Customer and Community Relations Manager in your local Horizon Power office or contact Corporate Communications Adviser Wendy Pryer on 6310 1576 or call the media line on 1800 799 745.