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Welcome to our new website!

Our website has been given a new look and feel, an updated menu structure and is smartphone and tablet friendly. Here are a few more examples of changes to our site:

(Please note: if you are a contractor, click here for helpful information about our new site).

An exciting new ‘Help and support’ section is available from every page to help you easily find what you need.

  • A new ‘Easy ways to save’ page adds a fun, animated aspect to the site and offers tips on how you can reduce your energy bill.
  • Our ‘Be aware of electricity’ page is a one stop shop for brochures and videos on how to stay safe around electricity.
  • The ‘Understand your bill’ page helps you locate and understand key information on your bill. I.e. what tariff you are on.
  • The ‘Building, connect, disconnect or upgrade your power supply’ page includes customer works information. I.e. connection application forms, disconnecting your power supply, CT meter requests etc.
  • Forms – many forms are now online and we will be working towards making more of our forms available online in the near future

 Can’t find what you need?

Take some time out today and check out the site. If you have any feedback please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.