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Work to improve reliability of electricity supplies continues

Horizon Power will soon be undertaking more work to upgrade the electricity network which supplies power to our Kununurra customers.

Horizon Power began a $5.5 million project last year to upgrade the older sections of the network in Kununurra. Between July and September last year, work was undertaken on three of the 10 feeders (electrical distribution networks) that supply customers  in and around Kununurra.

In May, work will be completed on one of those feeders and will then be carried out on the remaining two feeders which supply sections of the CBD and “old” Kununurra. When the work is complete, the Kununurra region will benefit from improved reliability of the local electricity supply as well as future proofing for growth in the years to come. The work will also provide a safer working environment for our Horizon Power employees.

Unfortunately, this work cannot be done without interruption of the power supply to some customers for an allocated period of time, varying from two to four hours. We are aware that May is a busy time for business in Kununurra and we have tried to schedule the work so it has as little impact as possible.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to undertake the work during the wet season because of the higher load on the system and the threat that rain poses to excavation and trenching works. Because the work needs to be completed this financial year it leaves us with a small window of opportunity – and that is late April and May,” explained Roanna Edwards, East Kimberley Retail and Community Manager.

“We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers but this work is critical to improving reliability of supply to this region.”

Many customers would have already received a card outlining the time of the outage in their street and others will receive that notification soon. The information will also be available on our website on our Faults and Outages page. We will also visit businesses ahead of their planned outage.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the local office on 9166 4700.

For media queries, call the Horizon Power media line on 1800 799 745.