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Projects and trials

We're proud to support and invest in regional WA

As part of the State Government's WA Recovery Plan, we're investing over $66 million in regional WA. There are 18 projects aimed at creating jobs and giving towns more access to green energy and improved services. See how we're renewing the regions.

We also have a number of pilots and trials that support the State Government's five year energy road map that will enable WA to further increase solar uptake and integrate other new, innovative technologies. 

Find out what's happening in your community.

Horizon Power is transforming the traditional electricity network into a highly distributed intelligent microgrid

Our Distributed Energy Resource (DER) microgrids will deliver more affordable and sustainable electricity to communities, giving customers more choice over how they receive their energy and greater ability to lower their power bills.

Horizon Power is the only vertically integrated electricity utility in Australia with advanced meters across its entire portfolio.

With this rich dataset telling us exactly how and when our customers use electricity, we are trialling technologies to manage renewables better and bring generation costs down.

Find out about our plan to integrate DER into our microgrids to deliver cleaner and sustainable renewable energy.

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Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

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