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Make a claim

If for any reason your power supply is interrupted, and the interruption is caused by us, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If you believe you qualify to make a claim, please select from the list below to find out the eligibility criteria, the claims process and how to apply. 

Which claim would you like to submit?


Extended Outage Payment Scheme

Householders affected by power outages lasting 12 hours or more may be eligible to receive an $80 payment from Horizon Power in recognition of the inconvenience caused. 

Find out more about the claims process or download a PDF copy of the claim form.


Notification of Planned Power Interruption

At times we are required to plan power interruptions to enable us to upgrade the electricity network, perform planned maintenance or respond to an emergency.  If for any reason, we fail to provide you with three days notification of a planned power interruption, you may be eligible to claim a $20 payment.

Find out more about the claims process or download a PDF copy of the claim form.


Customer Damage or Crop Loss Claim

If you experience loss or damage to property, belongings or crops resulting from an outage or fault in your electricity supply caused by our negligence, you can submit a claim to us for assessment.  

Find out more about the claims process or download a PDF copy of the claim form.


Incorrect disconnection or re-connection outside of time-frame

If we disconnect your electricity supply incorrectly, we will organise a priority re-connection and will also pay you $100 for each day you are disconnected. 

If you have been disconnected by Horizon Power, once you meet the requirements to be reconnected, Horizon Power must reconnect your electricity supply within the time-frames specified in our Customer Charter. If we do not meet these requirements, we will pay you $60 for each day the re-connection is late up to a maximum of $300. 

Please contact your local office to discuss your claim.