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Always Dial Before You Dig - Call 1100

Electricity and other essential services are often provided through underground networks.

No matter the size of your project, whether it be landscaping in your backyard or heavy work such as directional boring or directional drilling, you should be aware of these assets and the risks they pose.

Dial Before You Dig is a free national community service aimed at preventing, danger damage and disruption to Australia’s complex pipe and cable networks. You can find out if there are underground assets where you want to work by submitting an application to Dial Before You Dig, either online at or by phoning 1100.

We will provide you with plans showing the location of any underground assets on receipt of your application to Dial Before You Dig. Make sure you study the plans you are provided with carefully before you start work.

Unfortunately, not all underground asset owners participate in Dial Before You Dig so it remains important to take care when excavating.

Report any electrical incidents or faults to Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.
In an emergency situation, call 000.


Always follow the four P's of excavation


Plan your job. Use the Dial Before You Dig service at least two business days before your job is due to begin to ensure you have the correct information you need to carry out a safe project.


Potholing (hand digging) is a method to assist in establishing the exact location of all underground infrastructure.


Protecting and supporting the exposed infrastructure is the responsibility of the excavator. Always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground networks.


Only when you have planned, potholed and put the protective measures in place. If there is any damage to electricity infrastructure, stay clear and report it to Horizon Power on 13 23 51 so the damage can be fixed quickly and safely. For your own safety, never interfere with electricity infrastructure and never attach or tie anything to it. In an emergency, dial 000.

Dial Before You Dig fact sheet