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Always use a licensed electrical contractor

Electricity is dangerous. Do not risk causing harm to you or your family by doing your own electrical work 

It is a legal requirement that all electrical work in Western Australia is only carried out by qualified electrical tradespeople licensed to work in Western Australia and who are employed by an electrical contractor licensed to carry out work in this State. Licensed electrical contractors have been expertly trained to work safely around electricity, are qualified and will guarantee the quality of their work. Electrical work includes rewiring or replacing power points, moving or replacing light switches, installing permanently connected electrical appliances such as a ceiling fans or outdoor lights and repairing appliances.

Licensing information

Electrical contractors must display their licence number on their advertising, including vehicles and stationery, so remember to check these before an electrical contractor starts work at your premises. You can check whether an electrical contractor has the necessary qualifications by visiting the EnergySafety website and following the link to the Licensing Information System.

Renovations and home maintenance

If you are renovating or doing home maintenance, make sure you think about electricity and the impact it may have on where you are working.

  • Switch the power off at the main switch if you are doing any household maintenance or renovations.
  • Light fittings, switches and power points are connected to live wires, even when switched off and should not be removed for painting.
  • Do not use metal ladders, metal scaffolds or metal painters’ trestles when working close to wiring, as they conduct electricity. Take care not to make contact with electrical cabling when nailing and fixing metal roofing and tile battens.
  • When selecting outdoor lights and power points, check that they are weatherproof, approved and suitable for outdoor use. A licensed electrical contractor should also install these.

A tingling feeling or electric shock could be serious

If you get an electric shock or a tingling feeling from taps or water pipes, it could be serious. Switch off the power at the main switch and call Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51. In emergency situations, dial 000.