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Crop dusting and vegetation management

Consider all electrical hazards on your property before crop dusting

Every year, customers experience power interruptions as a result of powerlines being brought down during crop dusting activities.

If you are a pilot, or have hired someone to crop dust on your behalf, make sure you have checked for overhead powerlines before starting work.

If powerlines are located near the work area, contact us so we can provide you with information before you start about voltages and the safe clearances which need to be maintained. Don’t assume you know where power poles and powerlines are as new infrastructure may have been installed.

On the day, consider the weather conditions before flying and pay constant attention while in the air.

Powerlines may be difficult to see so it is essential you pay constant attention while crop dusting even when you have followed the above advice.

If you see crops on powerlines, please report it.

Dry swathed crops, such as canola, can sometimes blow onto overhead powerlines and cause power interruptions.

Sometimes the crop can clear itself off the lines, but if not, qualified crews are required to physically remove crops and debris before restoring power supply.

If you see crops on powerlines please report it to Horizon Power on 13 23 51.

Are your trees too close to powerlines?

Trees or branches touching powerlines are one of the main causes of power interruptions and can cause fires or other serious accidents.

Horizon Power encourages the planting of the right tree in the right place. Unfortunately, many trees are planted, or have naturally grown, too close to powerlines and need
to be trimmed.

Trees must always be trimmed if they are too close to powerlines. In the north of Western Australia, trees should be trimmed before the summer cyclone season, between November and April. Trees in the Mid West and southern parts of the State should be trimmed before winter.

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