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Know the dangers of oversize equipment

Be aware of the height and width of the loads you transport

Transporting oversize loads requires careful planning to ensure the load remains a safe distance from powerlines. If accidental contact is made with powerlines, poles, service lines or other electrical infrastructure, it could cause serious damage, power disruption, injury or even death.

Safety of the public and those involved in transporting oversized loads is the most important aspect of any load movement and Main Roads WA requires Horizon Power and Western Power to approve all loads across Western Australia where the is load is more than:

  • 4.3 metres high; or
  • 4.6 metres high for livestock vehicles and towed agricultural machinery travelling on nominated routes; or
  • Wider than 5.5 meters.

You may need a permit before you can transport an oversized load. Depending on the situation, we may need to move, raise or shield powerlines, provide a road escort or even temporarily switch off power to keep everybody safe. 

Apply for a permit

Depending on the route and the size of your load, we may need to help you by moving, raising, or shielding powerlines or by providing a road escort.

You can apply for a permit online. A fee is payable to process your application and additional costs may be payable for an escort, observer or for the powerlines to be raised. To apply for a permit, you must first register with us as a customer. You will need to provide your company name, contact details and ABN. We will then provide you with a customer number which you should quote on your permit application.

If you need to transport an oversized load between our Horizon Power network and Western Power’s network in any direction, you’ll need to lodge your application through Western Power. 

Find out more detail on the boundaries to help you determine whether you require an inter-district permit between Western Power SWIS boundary and Horizon Power’s service area. If you require to transport oversize loads inside of the SWIS, please refer to Western Power.

If you have questions about the application process, email or call us on 1800 772 501. 

Service line awareness

The overhead line connecting from Horizon Power’s distribution line to your home is called the service line. If you’re parking large loads, like boats, caravans, trucks, and vans, check the height of your load to ensure it’s at least one metre away from service lines

Use a safety spotter to help you stay at least one metre under the service line will help you stay safe.

If you damage or see a fallen powerline or service line call 13 23 51.

High and wide loads

High and wide loads

Find out how to request a permit for oversized loads.

Be aware of electrical assets on your farm

Be aware of electrical assets on your farm

Discover how to stay safe from electricity on your property and what to do in case of an emergency.