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Stubble burning

Burning stubble? Avoid trouble.

Stubble fires require careful planning and constant monitoring as they can cause widespread damage and power disruptions if allowed to get out of control. 

There have been several incidents caused by stubble burning in our service area in recent years. In order to avoid the cost and inconvenience of repairs to damaged electricity infrastructure, we recommend that farmers:

  • Check for overhead powerlines before work starts;
  • Clear vegetation from around the base of power poles to at least 1.5 metres;
  • Wet timber pole bases thoroughly before and after stubble burning;
  • Do not rake wind-rows beneath or next to powerlines or poles;
  • Have mobile fire units that are easily accessible should a stubble fire get out of control;
  • Regularly monitor stubble fires; and
  • Do not burn stubble when weather conditions are not suitable (check fire warnings).

We ask farmers to remain vigilant and to check power poles before, during and after stubble burning.

If, despite taking all precautions, you find there is damage to power poles or other electricity infrastructure, report it immediately to Horizon Power on 13 23 51 so that the damage can be fixed quickly and safely. For your own safety, never interfere with electricity infrastructure yourself, or attach or tie anything to it. In an emergency, dial 000.