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Fees and charges

If you're considering installing a solar system that's greater than 5kVA, some fees and charges may apply.  

There are no fees to apply to install a renewable energy system for standard applications (systems that do not include Renewable Energy Smoothing or Feed-In Management). 

All applications to install renewable energy require our assessment to ensure they meet our technical requirements. Applications that require more detailed technical assessments may be subject to additional fees and charges, including but not limited to:

  • System Impact Study (SIS) charges for LV EG connections > 30kVA to 200kVA: $3,706.00
  • System Impact Study (SIS) charges for LV EG connections > 200kVA-1000kVA: $10,587.00
  • System Impact Study (SIS) charges for EG connections if there is no Hosting Capacity, non-standard arrangement or > 1000kVA: to be quoted by Horizon Power
  • Feed-in Management (FIM) charges of $14,000
  • Renewable energy smoothing witness tests: to be quoted (if applicable)
  • Network reinforcement charges: to be quoted (if applicable)
  • Meter re-programming fee of $26.30 (all applications)

    *Prices are subject to change at any time

We will advise you of any additional fees and charges as part of the application process. To understand if these fees apply to you, please speak to your installer or refer to our Technical Requirements for more information. 

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