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Upgrade or modify an existing supply

  • Upgrade an existing supply
  • Ct meter or phase upgrades
  • Overhead to underground supply
  • Relocate or modify an asset

Upgrade an existing power supply

If you need to increase your existing supply to accommodate new home workshop equipment, or perhaps you're expanding your business and the power needs upgrading to suit your needs. Whatever the reason, you can request a supply upgrade using the form below. 

How much will it cost?

  • This is dependent on the size, type and location of the connection. We'll provide you with a quote once we've reviewed your requirements.
  • If your connection has a total maximum load of between 30 kVA and 1000 kVA (or 10% of the relevant systems peak load), a design fee of $6,287.00 will apply.
  • This form will also capture your CT metering requirements
  • We explain this in more detail, along with the application process and the information you need to provide, on the application form.
  • Note: for large connections, you can submit a preliminary enquiry to our team and discuss your requirements, before submitting a complete application. 

What to do next? 

Upgrade your service from single phase to three phase

Single phase power is used in most new homes and small businesses. Sometimes, you'll need to upgrade to three phase power to run a new air conditioner, oven, appliance or machinery that requires three phase to operate.  

How much will it cost?

Some three phase upgrades can be performed inside the switchboard by a qualified electrician. Speak to your electrician about the work you need and how much it will cost. 

What to do next? 

Once you've found an electrician to do the work, they need to complete and submit a Preliminary and Completion notice which will notify us of the work being carried out. 

Do you require a CT meter?

CT (Current Transformer) meters are installed on any connections with a load greater than 100 Amps. A CT meter only measures a fraction of the current passing through the connection and a multiplier is applied to this reading to reflect the actual current.

  • Request a CT meter, including an increase in the supply/load
    If you require a supply/load upgrade to your existing supply, in addition to a CT meter, you should complete the Supply upgrade request form

  • Request a CT meter, without increasing the supply/ load 
    Complete the CT meter request form and we'll provide a quote 

  • Call your local office if you have any questions

How do I change from overhead to underground power?

Running an underground cable from the pole in the street to your property is commonly referred to as a pole to pillar connection. A pillar is connected to the network and installed inside your property, close to the side and front boundaries. You need to organise an electrical contractor to install a mains cable from the pillar to your meter box to complete the connection. 

How much will it cost?

You may qualify for the subsidised rate of $4,973.50 (up to 3 dwellings) if you meet the terms and conditions. If not, your application will be assessed and quoted on a case-by-case basis. An underground power supply is mandatory for all new connections and upgrades. Refer to the form below for more information.

Existing network disconnection and re-connection charges excluded, any new connection/ permanent meter connection charges will appear on your first invoice.

What to do next?

Do you need to move an electrical asset that is owned by us?

If you need to relocate distribution equipment such as transformers, pillars and overhead lines, you can submit a request using the form below. A site plan must be included with the application form. 

How much will it cost?

We will provide a quote for the work required. Relocation is subject to a suitable alternative location and will be chargeable to the applicant.

What to do next?

Are you requesting to modify an electrical asset?

Complete this form to request to attach either decorative works (e.g. banners) or CCTV cameras to Horizon Power assets, in accordance with the Third Party Attachments Policy. 

How much will it cost?

We will provide a quote for the work required. 

What to do next?

New electricity and meter connections

Install a meter or request a new connection

Are you building and need to install a meter, or want to apply for a new electricity connection?

Disconnect a power supply

Renovating and need to disconnect or demolish?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to disconnect your power supply while work is carried out at your property.