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Metering services

This page provides useful information related to our metering services and general metering requirements.

It intends to provide the electrical consulting and electrical contracting industry information on metering and connecting a customer.

Mandatory Link Criteria and Metrology Procedure

Horizon Power has received approval from the Economic Regulation Authority for the mandatory link criteria under Part 6 of the Electricity Metering Code.

The mandatory link criteria deals with the communication links required by metering installations so as to enable meters to be read from remote locations via telecommunication networks. 

The following documents explain the Horizon Power's Mandatory Link criteria, Metrology Procedure for Meter Installations and the approval received from the Economic Regulation Authority. 

Horizon Power Mandatory Link Criteria

Horizon Power Metrology Procedure

Horizon Power Communications Rules 2021

Horizon Power Meter Reading Schedule 2021-2022

Horizon Power Metering Services Service Level Agreement 2021.pdf