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What are the benefits of the Horizon Power app?

The Horizon Power app offers an easy way to keep track of how much electricity you are using.

You are able to: 

  • Track your usage for up to 60 days with hourly and daily interactive graphs.
  • Check your buyback credits in the current bill period, if have an energy renewables installation.
  • View your projected bill amount, estimated current and estimated daily spend based on your usage to date in the current bill period.
  • Pay your bill or make a payment towards your account.
  • Top up your credit and keep track of your balance and usage if you have a pre-paid meter.
  • View your account balance and payment plans.
  • View, email and SMS copies of your complete bill history.
  • Request your usage data up to 12 months in hourly and daily datasheets.
  • See how your appliances in the home contribute to your bill cost or meter credit.
  • Receive notifications about your energy usage and Horizon Power services.
  • View easy ways to save tips on energy usage.

Note that some features are dependant on meter type.

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