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What is underground power?

Traditionally electricity is distributed through overhead poles and wires but in recent years, this infrastructure has been placed below the ground. Not only does this look better but it also minimises the safety risks associated with electricity and reduces the likelihood of unplanned power interruptions due to adverse weather conditions.

As a result, all new homes and buildings, and those undergoing major renovations, are required to have underground power installed from the street pole to the meter box. We can also provide an underground power supply to customers in areas supplied by an overhead network at their request. In some areas, particularly those which may be impacted by cyclones, we are working with the State Government and local governments to carry out undergrounding programs to underground the wider overhead distribution network.

If you are building a house or business, an underground connection will automatically be installed and the costs associated with this will be included in the connection quote we provide.

If you are renovating or have decided you would like to install underground power, you can find the Application for underground supply in an overhead area form at the link below. 

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