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Delivering a cleaner, greener energy solution for Esperance

Horizon Power has announced West Australian based business, Contract Power Australia (CPA) will be awarded the Power Purchase Agreement for the supply of electricity to the town of Esperance for the next 20 years, commencing 2022.

The awarding of the contract follows a comprehensive and rigorous two year, three stage procurement process undertaken by Horizon Power.

Horizon Power’s CEO Stephanie Unwin said Horizon Power has been able to achieve a long term power solution for Esperance which will include a new power station, battery storage system and renewables hub. 

“This is an excellent outcome for our Esperance customers,” Ms Unwin said.

“The construction of a new, more efficient power station will reduce carbon emissions by almost 50 per cent per annum compared to the existing power supply arrangements.  That’s the equivalent of removing 6,458 cars off the road annually.

“A new renewables hub will be constructed as part of the project, bringing together solar and wind power to generate up to 46 per cent of Esperance’s electricity annually.

“This will include a 4.0 megawatt solar farm and two new wind turbines, each capable of generating 4.3 megawatts of power,” she said.

Improvements in design and technology mean the new wind turbines will have more power and higher capacity, producing 58 per cent more wind power than the combined output of the existing six wind turbines.

The construction of the new solar farm will comprise of more than 10,000 solar panels, making it the largest solar farm in Horizon Power’s renewables portfolio.

“Horizon Power recognises the Esperance community’s strong support for renewable energy,” Ms Unwin said.

“Not only are we doubling the amount of renewable energy being provided to our customers, we will also be exploring, in consultation with the community, their interest in, and the possibility of, a future shared ownership model for the solar farm.”

Construction of the new assets is due to begin in September 2020, with commissioning scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. 

Horizon Power will work with CPA, a subsidiary of Pacific Energy, to ensure, wherever possible, goods and services are procured from local businesses in the Goldfields Esperance region.  

“We are very excited about the short and long term benefits this new power solution will provide the Esperance community,” Stephanie said.

“CPA is very proactive in engaging with the communities where it works, and has set a target to source 15 per cent of new construction jobs from the Goldfields Esperance region.

“It’s really important that we partner with organisations such as CPA who share our commitment to create and support thriving communities.”


Media contact: Wendy Pryer 0409 796 999

About Horizon Power
Horizon Power is owned by the people of Western Australia and provides electricity to regional and remote homes, businesses and communities.

We are passionate about what we do, and strive to ensure our customers, in towns and communities throughout the 2.3 million square kilometres we service, receive safe and reliable power. This makes us responsible for the largest geographical catchment of any Australian power provider.

We operate 38 power systems, including 32 microgrids tailored to meet the unique needs of some of the most isolated and remote communities in the world.

Horizon Power is making significant investments in developing its renewable energy capability and expertise. We are focused on delivering cleaner, greener customer-focused energy solutions which drive regional growth and vibrant communities and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

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About Contract Power Australia
Contract Power Australia (CPA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Energy, has specialised in remote power supplies within the WA Mining Sector and WA State Government for 25 years.

CPA provides expertise in the design, procurement, installation and operation of power stations on mine sites and in regional and remote communities.

In total, CPA has installed 356 MW of power generation in Australia and a further 50 MW globally.

CPA is a competent and highly experienced generation provider that has an excellent track record in delivering remote power stations. The business has a strong, collaborative relationship with Horizon Power on a number of power supply projects.

For more information about Contract Power Australia visit: