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Are you using electricity safely?

Pulling a fuse can cause serious injury and puts your life at risk

Replacing a Network Operator fuse in your meter box won't get you free electricity. But it might give you an electric shock that could cause serious injury or death.

If you need to replace a network operator fuse, call Horizon Power on 13 23 51 or a qualified electrician.

Electricity and water don't mix

Do not touch electrical appliances if you are wet or near water and ensure outdoor power points are weatherproof, approved and suitable for outdoor use.

Never use portable appliances, power tools or extension leads in water or when it is raining. If you have a generator, use on a dry surface. Do not allow it to get wet. It should also have an isolation switch.

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Use a licensed electrician

Never attempt to carry out electrical work unless you are a licensed electrical contractor.

Electrical work includes re-wiring or replacing power points, moving or replacing light switches and the installation of permanently connected appliances such as ceiling fans.

Stop using an appliance immediately if it becomes faulty and get it checked by a licensed electrical contractor before using it again.

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Install at least two residual current devices

Ensure you have Residual Current Devices (RCDs) installed and test these every three months.

When an RCD detects a problem with your power supply, it switches the power off within 10 to 50 milliseconds to prevent electric shock.

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Report electric shocks or a tingling feeling from taps or water pipes

Switch off the power at the main switch and call Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.

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